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Top Questions about voting!

Do I need to apply for my mail-in ballot again?

You must apply every year for your mail-in ballot. If you used a mail-in ballot for the primary in May, your ballot will automatically be mailed to you. If you did not vote by mail in May, you must apply for the ballot again.

Look for the checkbox to have a mail-in ballot application automatically mailed to you every year. It is near the end.

Apply online

Print the form to complete and mail!

How do I assemble my ballot to mail it in?

This is really important. If the ballot isn't returned according to the rules, your vote may not be counted.

Should I mail it or drop it off?

It is reassuring to know your ballot is with the county, in the ballot collection box. The closest drop box for Moore Township folks is the drop box in the entrance to the 911 building on the Gracedale campus.

Gracedale Campus Map

This video covers it all!

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