Moore Township Democrats

Moore Township Democrats

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Because you are not alone!

Moore Township Dems organize to promote democrats and democratic values in Moore Township!

VOTE to protect democracy.

VOTE to voice your disagreement with the Supreme Court decision reversing Roe V Wade.

VOTE to protect the January 6th committee.


See cross filed and local candidates here!

Mail in Ballots

Get your application here

Top Voting Questions Answered

Top Voting Questions Answered

Pennsylvania Elections

Check your voter registration, apply for a mail-in ballot, and track your mail-in ballot on the Pennsylvania Elections Website Votes PA

You can still vote by mail with no excuse, but you must apply every year. If you did not vote by mail in the primary, request to vote by mail at Votes PA.

New District Lines

We've had some changes to which districts we are in. Take a look at the new maps.

Join Us in Action

We have been meeting in person again! If you are on the email list, you will get an invitation. If you are not on the email list, please email contact information.

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